Dillon in Berkoff

Since 1979, George Dillon has worked on 13 productions of Berkoff's work including 3 productions with Berkoff (twice as Assistant Director). The list also includes 4 World Premieres of Berkoff's writing staged by Dillon:

Brighton Beach Scumbags
2008 (King's Head Theatre) - as director.

Graft - Tales of an Actor, [WORLD PREMIERE].
2000 (Edinburgh) - as solo actor, director, producer.
Adapted from the collection of stories of the same name.

Hell & Other Tales, [WORLD PREMIERE].
1992 & 1993 (Edinburgh & tour), 1994 (The Gate, London), 1996 (The Mermaid, London), 1997 (tour) - as solo actor, director, producer.
The world premiere of 3 short stories - The Secret of Capitalism and Say a Prayer for Me (from Gross Intrusion) together with the (then) unpublished Hell.

The Master of Café Society, [WORLD PREMIERE].
As part of Stunning the Punters & Other Stories.
1990 (Edinburgh & touring), 1991-1993 (touring), 1997 (touring) - as solo actor, director, producer.

1992 (Brighton), 1993 (Edinburgh) - as actor, director, producer.
Berkoff's classic class-war two-hander, restaged on a park bench for grey Major's Britain.

directed by Steven Berkoff.

1992 (King's Head) - as assistant director.
Berkoff's own production of his dramatisation of behind-the-film-set-life on Rambo.

1991 (National Theatre platform performance) - as actor and co-director.

Brighton Beach Scumbags, [WORLD PREMIERE]
1991 (Brighton Theatre Events) - as director.

directed by Steven Berkoff.

1989-90 (National Theatre & Phoenix, West End) - as actor and assistant director.

Sink the Belgrano! [WORLD PREMIERE]
directed by Steven Berkoff

1986 (Half Moon & Mermaid) - as actor.

1985-1986 (Edinburgh & touring) - as actor, co-producer.

1984-1986 (Edinburgh & touring) - as actor, co-producer.

1979 (Manchester University) - as actor.

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