by Barry Collins

An epic monologue (three hours with no interval) telling a true story of murder and cannibalism... During the Second World War seven soviet officers were imprisoned in the cellar of a hilltop monastery in Poland.  Sixty days later only two were rescued.  They had survived by killing and eating their comrades.  The two crazed men were fed and then shot.  But what if one of them had been sane enough to describe and defend his actions... 

George Dillon's performance as the 'normal' cannibal, retelling and defending his actions before his judges, has been hailed by the author as quite unlike any other for its uncompromising intensity. Although not listed in the programme, Judgement was a hit at the 1991 Edinburgh Festival and toured the UK in Spring 1992.

If you want to enjoy some unforgettable and brilliant acting, go and see Judgement. Dillon is undoubtedly one of the best actors I've ever seen perform on the Fringe.

Dillon's mesmerising performance as one of the cannibalistic officers should sweep the proliferating Fringe awards.

George Dillon, as Vukhov, gives a virtuoso performance of awesome intensity. His portrayal of the terror, irony, tenderness, and even humour, of Vukhov's awful; history transfixes the audience for nearly three hours. It is a red-raw theatrical experience of rare depth and power.

An enthralling piece of theatre, not to be missed.

A superb virtuoso performance of rare concentration.

Judgement was a hit at the 1991 Edinburgh Festival (despite not being listed in the programme) and toured the UK in Spring 1992.

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