To Break a Man  

To Break a Man To Break A Man Flyer B side

Would you love someone enough
to leave them forever?

Flora is a disturbed young woman who has an unbearable insight into the human predicament.

Harry is an ordinary man caught between doing the right thing and doing the thing that is best for everyone.

Tonight he must choose whether to save his daughter... by losing her.

To Break a Man is a new piece inspired by a scene in a novel by Paul Auster, developed by performer Jade Blue and director George Dillon.

Sometimes, unprepared, you have to make a decision which will change your life.

Sometimes, whatever you choose, you lose.

Tonight the audience and chance will decide how the story will be told.

One woman: 720 possibilities.

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“ * * * *
A stunning piece of theatre... well worth seeing”

“ * * * * ”

“A great introduction to a new talent...
left everyone talking as they left the theatre”

“An exciting and provocative piece of work.” 
Jane McMorrow,
Brighton Festival Producer

“I thought it was exceptionally good.
Great direction, really terrific production values,
facinating piece of theatre and Jade Blue was superb.” 

Pippa Smith,
Head of Education Brighton Dome and Festival

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POSTER IMAGE (with or without dice)

To Break a Man, Colour
To Break a Man, B/W

PRODUCTION STILLS (4th October 2008)
(Credit: Jade Blue in 'To Break a Man', Photo by George Dillon)

To Break a Man

To Break a Man

To Break a Man

To Break a Man

To Break a Man

To Break a Man


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to_break_a_man_lighting_plan_2009_01_26.pdf (77 kb)

to_break_a_man_prs.pdf (14 kb)

to_break_a_man_plottting_cue_list_2009_01_27.pdf (7 kb) (67 kb) contains all 3 pdfs above

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Jade is currently Artistic Director of Tarry Theatre, a company she founded in 2005 in order to develop theatre practices and build collaborations with other artists.  Much of the focus of Tarry Theatre’s work has been on developing New Writing.  After training in Physical Theatre Jade has worked intensively with a number of clown based physical theatre companies, including Sometime Soon…Street Arts and Theatre Manifesto.  In the past year Jade has been working closely with director George Dillon, both in creating and devising her one-woman show, To Break A Man, and in the live theatre experiment Ecce Homo.  As well as delivering workshops in Physical Theatre and Clowning, both in the UK and Europe, Jade has been involved in event design and management, playing a key role in the delivery of a number of exciting projects, commissioned by Brighton & Hove Council, including events for Walk To School Week and The Children’s Festival in 2007.


"George sniffs out what's underneath the surface, but he's gone much further than I ever did; areas into which I just gently dipped my toe he has plunged from the cliffs headfirst."  STEVEN BERKOFF

Since 1990 George Dillon has created and extensively toured six solo shows including Judgement, Stunning the Punters, Berkoff's Hell & Other Tales, and The Remembrance of Edgar Allan Poe.  Other Vital Theatre productions have included Berkoff's Decadence and Hamlet with 7 actors, 2 musicians and a talking dog!  As well as Hamlet and5 of his own solo shows, Dillon has also directed the world premiere of Berkoff’s Brighton Beach Scumbags and Guy Masterson's solo Under Milk Wood. 
At the Edinburgh Festival in 2000 George's performance of Graft - Tales of an Actor won a Herald 'Angel' Award and has since toured in the UK and Europe.  In 2002 Dillon translated, directed and performed in a solo multimedia production of The Gospel of Matthew for the Brighton Festival, which went on to earn him a second nomination for the Stage's 'Best Actor' award at Edinburgh and to tour internationally.  In 2007, Dillon restaged The Gospel of Matthew by Candlelight, and directed an intensive 2-week experimental research and development project, Ecce Homo.

A graduate of Manchester University, where he worked with Laurence Boswell and Ben Elton, Dillon has worked professionally in films, TV, fringe and repertory theatre.  He has been assistant director and/or performer with Berkoff four times, and including his own productions, has worked on a total of 13 productions of Berkoff's work. Like his mentor, Dillon’s own work draws on a wide range of eclectic influences, particularly his 17 years of training in Kendõ – the Japanese ‘Way of the Sword’.

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Arts Council Logo
To Break a Man was developed in 2007 as an R & D project funded by the Arts Council of England.

It was then worked into a production and premiered at the Northbrook Theatre on 2nd October 2008.



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