Black Curtain

Karl Koley’s first play was shocking. It made his name.
His second was sick. It ended his career… Black Curtain is his third.
“This is a beach now… This is a beach at night… And you’re freezing and alone… And you’ve done something terrible… You know what.”

With a superbly imaginative script by Neil Noon, Black Curtain is a new play about a mediocre actor and a monstrous writer trapped in an experimental breakdown of a rehearsed reading. Backstage the writer is furiously rewriting the script of their co-dependency as the reading unfolds, while left alone onstage the actor struggles to keep up.

George Dillon performed the play as a work-in-progress, directed by Mark Hewitt, at the Marlborough Theatre in Brighton and at the Soho Theatre in October / November 2018.