The Gospel of Matthew by Candlelight

Experience a stunning, virtuoso delivery of the greatest story ever told… as Jesus’s followers first heard it… in a darkness illuminated purely by candlelight and the Word.

“The radical message has never sounded so revolutionary, straight-forward, obvious and utterly sensible!”
(The Scotsman)

In 2007, in response to several requests to bring his acclaimed solo performance of The Gospel of Matthew to churches, George Dillon created an ‘unplugged’ version, not only stripping the presentation of the audio and video but also replacing the stage lighting with only a semi circle of candles.

The Gospel of Matthew by Candlelight has now been performed in more than 30 churches in the UK including: the Church of England theological college – Ripon College, Cuddesdon – in 2009; the ‘actor’s church’ – St Paul’s, Covent Garden – as part of the Pentecost Festival in 2010; St John’s, Edinburgh as part of the Festival of Spirituality in 2011; and a 20-date tour of churches in London, Brighton and the South East during Lent 2017.

St Peter’s Chruch, Norbiton, 18th March 2017

In 2011, the performance was seen by 400 people in a tent at the Greenbelt Festival (with a rock band performing simultaneously about 100 metres away!)

In some theatres and churches which have audio & video capabilities (but limited lighting), Dillon has also performed a ‘hybrid’ version, retaining the video and music but replacing the stage lighting with candles.

Sermon on the Mount (LatestTV, 2017)
The Crucifixion (LatestTV, 2017)

“George Dillon’s epic, impassioned telling of Matthew’s gospel has a visceral, biting, colloquial power that is at times quite stunning. It is a blessed relief to have something religious on the fringe which is neither mindlessly evangelical nor trite about the subject.”

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