George Dillon made a number of appearances on film and TV before focussing on his own theatre work from 1990. In recent years he has acted in several independent and student films.

George Dillon – Screen Showreel – Jun 2019

Scenes from: Timetable, (Reelscape Films, 2017, dir. Stacey Swift); Chopper (Bournemouth University, 2018, dir. Giorgos Kapsanakis); The Boxer (Concrete Rose Productions, 2015, dir. Nicholas Jessup); Beyond (Bigview Media, 2014, dir. Joseph Baker & Tom Large); Magic Lamp (Concrete Rose Productions, 2012, dir. Dino Kazamia).

A rich man with a dark secret intrudes on a nurse moonlighting as a pole-dancer.

The Boxer: A lonely boxer confronts his demon (at the 7 minute mark).

Magic Lamp: “A monkey and it’s all yours!” Two businessmen catch up over a pint. What follows is a sinister negotiation, with the ebb and flow of a desperate man pitting himself against a heavyweight.