“Not to be missed on any account… Decadence is an absolute breath of fresh air, a tonic, a joy… and this production is exceptional… the two of them together are overwhelming.” (The Guardian)

In 1983, as No Alternative Theatre Company, George Dillon and Denise Evans became the first to perform Berkoff’s two-hander, Decadence, after Steven Berkoff and Linda Marlowe.

Denise (who was finishing the 4th year of a joint Drama & English degree) won the best actress award at the National Student Drama Festival, and after she too had graduated they took the production to the Edinburgh Fringe in 1984, where it was seen by Steven Berkoff. No Alternative toured the play throughout the UK until 1986.

George Dillon and Denise Evans in Decadence, Manchester, 1985, photo by Kevin Cummins

In 1993, following the economic failure of the Conservative government under chancellor Norman Lamont and prime minister John Major, George restaged the play (again partnered with Denise Evans), swapping the plush white sofa for a Beckettian ‘post-negative-equity’ park bench. Denise later coached Joan Collins for her performance in Berkoff’s film of the play.

George Dillon and Denise Evans in Decadence, Edinburgh 1993, photo by Marc Marnie