George Dillon

“The best example of someone to watch how to perform is George Dillon… ”

In a professional career acting in films, TV and on stage, including 29 productions at 16 Edinburgh Fringe Festivals, George Dillon has become known for his highly acclaimed solo shows – including: Stunning the Punters (& Other Stories), Graft – Tales of an Actor, The Gospel of Matthew and The Man Who Was Hamlet – which have all toured extensively in the UK and abroad – and for his association with Steven Berkoff.

“Physical theatre suggests working with the body and not with the voice, but the uniqueness with George is that he’s an excellent speaker with a wide vocal range and is able to marry the two parts…
George sniffs out what’s underneath the surface, but he’s gone much further than I ever did; areas into which I just gently dipped my toe he has plunged from the cliffs headfirst.”