Workshops: Booking Information


Workshops can be penciled ANY time in the future, but short notice usually works best, as performance bookings and acting work will always take priority (see my cancellation policy below).


For a workshop of up to 3 hours the fee is £*** plus travel costs (by rail from London) with an hourly rate for travel time and a supplement if an overnight stay is required. Discounts on train fares usually make afternoon workshops slightly cheaper. Advance fares can make even long journeys surprisingly affordable.


My standard workshop is a straight-through 3 hours. I am happy to do 2 hours if you really want, but there is no pro-rata reduction in costs (effectively it is still a whole day for me!) I have found that three hours is a good time, more and the students begin to wane and less doesn’t really suffice.

I also strongly advise against having a break in the middle, no matter how much you think your students might need it (they won’t – I’m very good at keeping them at it) or how disciplined you think they will be about coming back on time (they never do, it always results in lost time and focus).


Any number of students from 4 to 40, provided we have a large enough space in which to work (between 12 & 20 is best). If you have a small group you should consider combining different years or teaming up with another school. Quite apart from more numbers meaning better “value for money” – a lot of the work is about chorus work and the actor/audience relationship, which can be hard to get across with groups of less than 8.


For workshops the following are needed:  a CD player or mini-jack iPod connection to PA; a table and 3 stools/chairs; a collapsible plastic cup (vending machine type); a large enough space (with a clean floor) & students dressed ready to move freely.


George Dillon’s workshops are designed to give students a taste of working with and an insight into the thoughts and practices of a professional theatre-maker, to increase their awareness of performance skills and to provide them with tools for unlocking their own creativity.  George regards students of whatever age as future creative artists rather than exam fodder, but if you have specific areas which you would definitely want to be addressed in the workshop, please make this clear in advance.


In over 25+ years it has rarely been necessary, but as a working actor,  George reserves the right to cancel or postpone any workshop if he is offered other acting work for the same date. In practice this has never happened, and it is unlikely that it could happen with less than a week or two’s notice.  However for the purposes of contractual agreement George may, for whatever reason, cancel a booking without notice and without penalty. Should a cancellation ever be necessary, I will provide as much notice as I can, I will absorb the cost of any train tickets already purchased and I will, as far as possible, offer alternative dates at a reduced rate. (Any payments made in advance of the workshop will, of course, be refunded in full).


Email is generally best – fast, clear and written down. Otherwise – you can find George’s telephone numbers included in his occasional schools mailshots.
On booking a workshop, you will need to provide an emergency number (preferably your mobile), as well as a school switchboard/direct number in case of last minute travel problems on the day.