“George Dillon has become famous for his highly theatrical and intriguing portrayals of crazed individuals and their bleak existences. Influenced by his long-term collaboration with Steven Berkoff, Dillon has given a series of virtuoso solo performances of immense physical control and energy.”
(Sally Cowling, Head of Drama at the British Council

Since 1990, George Dillon has created and toured extensively 7 acclaimed solo shows, giving over 900 peformances in 13 countries:

The Dostoevsky story The Dream of a Ridiculous Man from Dillon’s triple-bill Stunning the Punters (& Other Stories) was also occasionally performed separately and as a double-bill with Berkoff’s story Hell:

Originally conceived as a multimedia theatre show, The Gospel of Matthew was also often performed ‘unplugged’ in churches as:

George Dillon also conceived and directed Guy Masterson’s internationally acclaimed solo Under Milk Wood, directed Andrée Bernard’s solo musical House of Fire and co-wrote and directed Jade Blue’s solo show Against the Odds for which he won the Outstanding Direction award at the Atlantic Fringe Festival.

There are some brilliant one-mans and one-womans about: such as George Dillon, one of the Festival’s staunch samurais, who has adapted several of my works and undertakes tasks that would make most actors blanch. Dillon returns each year with regularity like a comet trailing his undying fires behind him, and usually leaves broke.

Steven Berkoff