Dostoevsky’s Heaven & Berkoff’s Hell

Two journeys into other worlds… an emotional roller-coaster of despair and salvation…

“If you want to see the craft of acting at its best, there’s no better place to go than here!”
(British Theatre Guide)

Steven Berkoff’s despairing alter-ego, Harry, wallows in his lonely Hell and a would-be suicide dreams of a paradise destroyed and awakens to bring a message to the world in Fyodor Dostoevsky’s final masterpiece, The Dream of a Ridiculous Man.

“Played one after the other, the two pieces showcase Dillon’s remarkable talents. It isn’t just the voice, superbly controlled though it is, but it is the physicality of his performance which impresses most. Even in Hell, confining himself, as he does, to a chair, every muscle talks directly to us.”


The two stories in this double bill are from Stunning the Punters (& Other Stories) (1990) and Hell & Other Tales (1992) and present George Dillon at his best – passionate, stylised and utterly compelling.

Two captivating performances which should not be missed.


George Dillon first paired these two pieces at the Brighton Festival in 1993, and later perfomed the double bill at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2001, on tour in Holland in 2003, at the Atlantic Fringe in Halifax, Canada in 2011 and at the Teatromania Festival in Bytom, Poland in 2011.