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Wim Mertens – ‘La Fosse’

This is a live version of the music I use for The Banquet exercise – since I am so often asked after my workshops what it is. The track is called La Fosse and it’s by the prolific Belgian minimalist composer Wim Mertens. Here it is performed by the Wim Mertens Ensemble live at de Roma, Antwerp, Belgium – September 30th, 2005.

The song can be found on two albums by Wim Mertens – there is a faster version with the lead melody sung soprano on Maximising the Audience, and a much slower and totally haunting bass-lead version on Educes Me. (I actually use both versions in the workshop). I first came across it when I saw the Costa Rican mime/dance duo, Diquis Tiquis perform Shy Shining Walls at Edinburgh in 2001, a show which left me blubbing uncontrollably.